As both a free and paid marketing tool for businesses, TikTok helps drive tens of billions of dollars in revenue, supports hundreds of thousands of US jobs, and provides countless opportunities for business owners to thrive.

TikTok delivers more than just entertainment—it fuels significant economic growth for US businesses and the US economy as a whole. The platform’s economic impact cannot be understated or ignored. Data shows it’s a major contributor to the US economy, driving billions of dollars in growth, supporting hundreds of thousands of US jobs, and delivering a competitive edge to small businesses across the nation.

This study demonstrates that TikTok is more than just another app in the online marketing toolkit. It has become a game-changer for millions of businesses. More than ever, US business owners say their livelihood depends on TikTok’s unique ability to help them reach otherwise unreachable customers and generate new revenue streams. In just a few short years, the platform has gone from a novelty to a necessity for entrepreneurs looking to survive and thrive in even the most challenging economic environments.

This research was conducted by Oxford Economics to measure the economic value that TikTok provides to businesses and consumers across the United States. The study included a comprehensive survey of 1,050 SMBs and 7,500 consumers from all 50 US states and Washington D.C. To participate, SMBs needed a TikTok account for business use and consumers needed one for personal use. The participants included SMBs from a diverse range of industries and consumers from Gen Z to Baby Boomers to gain a more holistic view of TikTok’s impact.