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Bellingham, WA

Izaiah ran his ice cream business from his mother’s basement, traveling to birthday parties and other small events. His brand took off after a viral video, earning him enough of a following to expand his small business and dream.

Account size

1.8 million followers

Most popular video

6.6 million views

Active on TikTok

3 years years


Big announcement! #Icecreamrolls #foodtiktok #viral 

Bellingham, WA

store in progress


Shoot us a follow and drop flavor requests in the comments #Icecream #icecreamrolls #smallbusiness #Fyp

Bellingham, WA

ice cream making


What flavor should we do next? Follow to see more! #foodontiktok #foodie #fyp 

Bellingham, WA

ice cream rolling


Through TikTok, Izaiah was able to grow his brand and build a loyal following—one that could support an ice cream parlor. This brand equity also allowed him to form valuable partnerships with other businesses in his industry.

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