TikTok enables opportunities for discovery and growth for small businesses across a wide array of industries, supporting entrepreneurs of diverse races, ethnicities, genders, and backgrounds.

Women-owned, senior-owned, and minority-owned small businesses are thriving on TikTok. The platform’s unique ability to turn connection into commerce fuels opportunity and growth among disadvantaged entrepreneurs across the US.


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Shreveport, LA

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Shreveport, Louisiana

TikTok Louisiana billboard

Shreveport, LA

TikTok has been more than just a boon for small businesses. It also supports industries that are critical to both the national and state economies. TikTok’s ability to reach potential customers generates billions of dollars across a surprising collection of business sectors, from real estate to restaurants to blue-collar trades and more.

Revenue TikTok has generated across industries. 4.2 billion within Food & Beverage, 2.5 billion within Health & Wellness, 2.2 billion within Automotive, 1.9 billion within Business Services, 1.8 billion within Tradespeople, 1.5 billion within Travel & Tourism, and 0.8 billion within Other.

Through the algorithm-driven “For You Feed,” TikTok helps potential customers from all over the US discover new small businesses and relevant products that they might otherwise never find. Due to the increased reach, small business owners can build a larger, more diverse, and more loyal following.

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